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The Passion for the Best Wines

Professionals of various experience, coming not only from the world of wine, who intended to consolidate, with continuity, the distribution and positioning of Italian wines across the border, not relying on importers, but directly opening their own companies in Brazil, Colombia, USA and other countries foreigners.

The Love for our Earth

Everything born from true Love

Passion and Hard Work

The Passion for our work and hard work deliver the results you can enjoy

Reserch of Excellence

Everyday reserch for Excellence produce the greatest Wines of the world

The work of our hands

The Best Selection

The Beauty

The grape

The Love for our Earth


The country of great wine.


That born in the passion for our work

500k Bottles Per Year


“Give me a bowl of wine. I have not that alacrity of spirit Nor cheer of mind that I was wont to have.”

William Shakespeare

“[I]t is the wine that leads me on, the wild wine that sets the wisest man to sing at the top of his lungs, laugh like a fool—it drives the man to dancing… it even tempts him to blurt out stories better never told.”


"Life is too short to drink bad wine.”


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